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Address: 19-3, Chungmuro 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul   Tel: 82-2-2266-5870, 82-2-273-6300
Fax: 82-2-2279-9341

The purpose of the Council is to encourage social involvement among homemakers and promote community activism and services among them, so that stay-at-home wives and moms can play an active role in the life of community and contribute to its welfare, and thereby, fulfill their civic duties.

  1) Educational activities
    - National Leadership Convention: The council conducts every year a leadership skills training program between March and April, a two-day, one-night retreat attended by some 1,000 participants including the leaderships and directors of our 232 regional branches from 16 regional headquarters nationwide.
    - Regular-scheduled courses: At least twice a year, each of our 232 branch offices under the 16 regional headquarters offer courses on a broad spectrum of subjects, geared toward assisting women with self development and helping them form a progressive outlook, ranging from environmental issues and legal affairs to dietary issues, consumer issues and the economy.
    - Year-round educational resources, including the Homemaker University, Homemaker Graduate School
  2) Consumer Protection Activities
      Our Consumer Protection Center, opened in August 1972, has processed countless consumer complaints over the past three decades. Also a source of essential consumer guidelines and information as to consumer rights, the Center assumes a leading role in consumer activism in Korea.
    - Consumer Hotline: Our consumer hotline assists buyers of deficient goods and victims of unfair business practices through our 47 support centers (as of Dec. 2001) across the nation. Each case filed with us is speedily handled and, oftentimes, successfully resolved. The hotline defends the interest of consumers also by putting into place preventive measures and making available useful information for consumers.
    - Consumer education programs: Our educational programs are intended to teach consumers more rational consumption patterns, on the one hand, and, on the other, to educate them about their rights.
    - Seminars and forums: These meetings are convened as a platform for discussion on consumption and society-related issues, which require urgent attention and intervention. Participants are encouraged to join heads to seek solutions to proposed issues.
    - Surveys, investigation and research activities: We strive to provide accurate information to consumers through our product testing, research and surveys on consumer market and consumer awareness, comparative price surveys on staple food items and other necessities and special market research.
    - Resource reuse campaign: Our recycling center allows families to trade with each other household items that they no longer use. In October every year, we host a 'Thrift Fair' where we introduce quality products from small and medium-size manufacturers, and members offer home-made dishes for sale at affordable prices.
    - Consumer watchdog activities: Our surveillance activities, participated by specialized market watchers, monitor hazardous consumer goods hitting the market and price movements, as well as engage actions to stabilize prices.
  3) Social and environmental activism
    - Activism to make our society more equitable
    - Mentality campaign to help Korean households build a healthier and rational model of family interactions
    - Activities geared toward protection of youth
    - Activities to develop information literacy among women

#701, Seoul YWCA, 1-1, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, (Postal code: 100-021)
  TEL 82-2-774-4050   FAX 82-2-774-4090     E-mail : sohyub@consumer.or.kr