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Address: 363-16, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul    Tel: 82-2-325-3300   Fax: 82-2-325-3389

The purpose of the Consumer Affairs Institute is to help the public become informed and rational consumers, capable of coping with the fast-changing social and economic environment, and diffuse a healthy culture of consumption in our society. Our activity areas include environmental actions such as promoting efficient use and reuse of resources among Korean families, and research in consumer behaviors and education of consumers on environment-related issues and food safety. We make available to the public studies on consumer-related issues and other relevant data to raise consumer awareness and arm consumers with necessary survival weapons for the global age.

  1) Educational programs: program development and training
    - Training for consumer affairs monitors and consumer counselors
    - Seminars and symposiums hosted in consumer-related issues
  2) Research and investigations: investigations on consumption patterns and market research
    - Supply consumer information including product safety test reports
    - Research on consumer-related laws, regulations and policies, submission of proposals for legislative and regulatory amendment and policy proposals
    - Review of Korean and foreign studies on consumer-related issues and analysis of latest trends
    - Collect information on products presenting safety hazards and compile manuals
  3) Green actions: Resource reuse campaign and environmental education
    - Encouraging production and consumption of environment-friendly products and recycled products
    - 'Green Planet Camp' and agro tour program to learn about life in rural farming communities
  4) Publication of information materials: Green Consumer, a consumer information journal
    - Consumer buying guides
    - Studies and reports on consumer affairs and PR materials
    - Pamphlets
    - Information sharing with the government and overseas consumer organizations

#701, Seoul YWCA, 1-1, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, (Postal code: 100-021)
  TEL 82-2-774-4050   FAX 82-2-774-4090     E-mail : sohyub@consumer.or.kr