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Address: Pierson Bldg. 603, 89-27, Sinmunno 2-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul;
  Tel: 82-2-739-5441,82-2739-5530    Fax: 82-2-736-5514

The Citizens Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea, created to defend the rights of and enhance the quality of life for consumers, officially came into existence in November 1982. On January 20, 1983, Attorney Kim Dong-hwan took office as its founding president. We have remained for the subsequent 20 years true to our identity as the free, non-profit and non-political association we envisioned at the start, and have dedicated ourselves to the cause of consumer protection.

  1) Research and investigations
    - We launch investigations on potentially false or exaggerated advertising and suspected inequitable business practices, and conduct research to enhance the structure of food distribution channels in Korea. Areas of our research are broad-ranging and include food, drugs and other products affecting public health and safety, and issues deemed important for the protection of consumers.
  2) Consumer complaint processing and counseling
    - We offer legal advice and counseling to consumers involved in disputes or seeking to lodge official complaints through legal channels. Consumers can file general complaints related to defective products and services with us, and we serve as a mediator to negotiate resolutions.
  3) International exchange and cooperation
    - By engaging in international activities, we acquired the means to proactively respond to the changing international market environment, and thereby opened a novel chapter in Korea's consumer movement. In April of 1983, the year of our inception, we joined Consumers International (CI), an international consumer organization, as its correspondent member. In July 1987, the Alliance was elected to the board of the International Organization of Consumers' Unions at its 12th general assembly. From the 13th general assembly in 1991 to the 15th assembly convened this year, we have been serving as a board member and a managing director for the Organization. We are also actively collaborating with the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) and related organizations under the UN.
  4) Initiatives to promote consumer safety
    - To resolve consumer issues identified through our investigational activities, counseling and seminars, we approach the government with our proposals for regulatory and policy reforms. Our perseverance has paid off over the years, and we are proud to have been the cause of many positive changes to Korea's consumer-related laws and regulations.
  5) Consumer education and information supply
    - Seminars and campaigns hosted and launched are sources of useful information for consumers as well as opportunities for publicly issuing demands on corporations to improve product quality and management practices.
They are moreover helpful platforms bringing together experts and concerned government authorities to examine consumer issues from varied angles and standpoints and to together seek out solutions. We publish educational and information materials geared toward general consumers as well as consumer affairs specialists and public officials. In April 1991, we launched Citizens' Forum, a bimonthly newsletter, and the 71st issue was released in February 2003.

#701, Seoul YWCA, 1-1, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, (Postal code: 100-021)
  TEL 82-2-774-4050   FAX 82-2-774-4090     E-mail : sohyub@consumer.or.kr