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Address: Yangchon Bldg. 4Fl., 111-5, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Tel : 82-2-579-0603, 82-2-579-3331   Fax : 82-2-578-3779

In times of change, accompanied by major social and economic upheavals, protecting consumer rights becomes more challenging, as consumer issues tend to be vast and interrelated. This sheer vastness and complexity makes identifying causes and attributing responsibilities a baffling exercise, and, oftentimes, consumer-related offenses have as their perpetrators large groups of people and businesses.
Yet, consumer society must seek to prevent all assaults on consumer rights: damages caused must be compensated, and wrongs, redressed. Defending these rights however requires consumers to unite themselves. Together, consumers can be strong, and they can further empower themselves by sharpening the understanding of their rights and informing and educating themselves about essential givens of market reality and society. To arm consumers with necessary knowledge, we need organizations comprehensively overseeing information needs. They must identify issues of interest for consumers, develop information resources and turn consumer experience into a usable body of knowledge.
The Korea Consumer Education Center was created as an information and educational resource, providing consumers with information and strategies necessary to improve their quality of life, and to be rational consumers.

  1) Consumer education and training
    - Training programs for consumers from all walks of life as well as corporate executives, whereby they can learn about the latest consumer technologies and information
    - Training programs for consumer activists, counselors and agents of consumer watchdog groups
    - Educating the general public using mass media and publications
  2) Development and dissemination of consumer information
    - Developing information and knowledge essential to consumers in the age of information
    - Propagating and diffusing information and knowledge among consumers
  3) Consumer complaint processing and complaint mediation and resolution
    - Analysis of types and characteristics of consumer complaints
    - Develop preventive measures to prevent future occurrence of known consumer abuses
    - Seek resolution and compensation on cases filed with our consumer complaint centers
  4) Collection of consumer opinions and submission of policy proposals
    - Consumer opinions we collect serve as basis to the policy proposals we submit to authorities and lawmakers to create more effective institutional and regulatory devices for the protection of consumers.
  5) Environmental activities
    - Environmental campaigns for nature conservation and for the improvement of our living environment
    - Consumer awareness campaigns to encourage reuse of resources and related trainings and workshops
    - Environmental activism through the 'Green Environmental Watchdogs'
    - Consumer movements for pollution control and clean environment; campaigns to strengthen fair trading practices
  6) Consumer education for the age of globalization
    - Research on consumption patterns and consumer behaviors in the age of globalization
    - Research and educational activities by surveillance specialist teams in 15 different consumer-related fields
    - Initiatives to establish new models for fare trade and standards for best practices
    - Elaboration of enhanced product quality and safety standards

#701, Seoul YWCA, 1-1, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, (Postal code: 100-021)
  TEL 82-2-774-4050   FAX 82-2-774-4090     E-mail : sohyub@consumer.or.kr