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Address: YMCA Bldg. 7Fl., 117, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  Tel: 82-2-754-78915  Fax: 82-2-774-8889

The Young Men's Christian Association was found in London in 1844, proposing as its primary goal "enhancing moral and spiritual condition of young men." The Association quickly found echo in other countries and established a presence around the world. With the formation in 1855 of the World Alliance of YMCAs, the YMCA became the worldwide organization it is today. The YMCA is the world's oldest associative institution.
Established in 1903, YMCA of Korea served as a center of the independence movement under the Japanese Occupation period, and was a pivot for educational and cultural activities. True to the spirit of community on which it was founded, YMCA is as actively involved in community actions and relief efforts today as ever, and leads civic movements of contemporary Korea. The purposes of YMCA, as set forth in the Charter established in 1975 are:
1) Follow Christ by learning and training together;
2) Come to the understanding of historical responsibility befalling each of us;
3) Work to make love and justice prevail;
4) Contribute to public welfare; and
5) Work toward creating a new culture.

  1) Leadership skills training
    - Executive secretary training, leadership training for civic movement leaders, civic education
  2) Initiatives toward consolidating regional communities and inciting social involvement of citizens
    - citizens' movement for improving the quality of life, campaign for making a safer society, activities related to community solidarity, neighborhood improvement initiatives
  3) Youth programs
    - Youth counseling centers, shelters for runaway youth, youth plaza serving as a platform for exchange and community activities
  4) Environmental actions
    - Environmental education programs, campaign for river restoration, 'YMCA Green Store' movement
  5) Activities in defense of civic rights
      The Citizens Rights Center opened in April 1978 to assist victims of various forms of injustice, who are lacking means or legal knowledge to seek redress and vindicate their rights. The Center has been working for the past 25 years to defend the rights of consumers, starting with their right to know.
    - Consumer counseling activities
    - Consumer education and awareness campaign
    - Consumer rights monitoring, lawsuits filed on behalf of victims of multi-level marketing harassment
    - Consumer counseling relating to landlord/tenant disputes, Citizens' Mobile Newsroom, educational programs for senior citizen consumers
    - Educational campaign 'Informed Citizens: Earning Citizenship to Credit Society', and educational programs to teach youth credit management skills
    - Investigation on trade practices at E-commerce sites, initiatives to promote the protection of consumers' personal information
    - Joint school uniform purchase campaign, public interest litigation filed against three school uniform manufacturers for price-fixing
    - Monitoring the status of consumer affairs administration in local governments, regulatory reform campaigns

#701, Seoul YWCA, 1-1, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, (Postal code: 100-021)
  TEL 82-2-774-4050   FAX 82-2-774-4090     E-mail : sohyub@consumer.or.kr